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Professional LinkedIn Profile Writers Are Here to Help!

Take your LinkedIn profile to the next level and turn it into a POWERFUL career tool that spotlights your skills, experiences, AND impresses your network of connections.

92% of recruiters use LinkedIn to find high-quality candidates. You need to ensure your LinkedIn profile is found when users search for your skill sets and that it makes an impact, setting you apart from the competition.

Let’s face it, it’s hard to write about yourself. Most people simply copy and paste their resume into their LinkedIn profile and then they wonder why they aren’t gaining any traction on LinkedIn. Here’s the reason: Your Linkedin profile is not your resume… it is so much more! When written strategically, your LinkedIn profile becomes your opportunity to engage with your audience and build your professional brand. LinkedIn is an incredible asset to your professional and business development.

We provides the Concept of LinkedIn Profile Optimization

Since 2009, Smriti has helped executives, entrepreneurs, sales stars, business leaders, and professionals from around the world create professionally branded LinkedIn profiles. Now with over 40 LinkedIn profile writers and professional brand experts on her team, we will work directly with you to make sure your unique LinkedIn profile is optimized so that you can impress your network and achieve your goals. Stand out from the crowd with a LinkedIn profile that positions you as an expert in your industry and markets you as someone who deserves to be noticed!


Why Choose LinkedIn Makeover?

Have you been wondering how to write a LinkedIn Profile? We have a team of experts that have worked on THOUSANDS of LinkedIn Profiles. Each LinkedIn Profile writer has been trained by Smiriti and is held to her extremely high standards of quality and customer service. You can feel confident that we will help you forge a strong professional brand that SHINES! Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

When you work with us to write your LinkedIn profile, we do not simply fill out the fields, copying and pasting your resume. Our mission is to strategically align your LinkedIn profile to your goals and target audience so you can reach your true potential. Our goal is to make sure you are 100% satisfied.

Different LinkedIn Makeover Service Levels for Every Professional

We have three different service levels to match your needs and budget. Whether you are looking for a quick option or a consultative solution, we have you covered.

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More than just LinkedIn Profiles

In addition to LinkedIn profile writing, we also provide services that span the gamut of career branding and professional marketing:

LinkedIn Profile Writing AND LinkedIn Workshops, Presentations, Webinars & More

LINK CV RIGHT provides entertaining, "take action" workshops, keynotes, and presentations to groups, associations, and companies across the United States. Get your group embracing and dominating LinkedIn with an informative presentation, workshop, webinar or keynote that provides them the knowledge they need to leverage LinkedIn effectively. Learn more


Clients often write to tell me me how amazed they are that such a simple, affordable LinkedIn Makeover could make such a huge impact on their career.

killer LinkedIn presentation

Friendly, no pressure, service, and a staff who works with the client to make a killer LinkedIn presentation.

Justin St. James, Esq.

quick, easy and thorough

“It was quick, easy and thorough. Very professional.”

Alicia Speight